“The mindfulness course teaches something obvious and yet unknown – the importance of living in the moment. I found the course extremely useful. Shamash is an excellent teacher who uses examples and discussion to increase the relevance and usefulness of the course to the individual participants. This paired with the meditation practice during sessions made the course extremely beneficial. I will continue to use the skills of meditation and mindfulness on an ongoing basis with the faith that living in the moment and appreciating “the small things” adds a profound richness and colour to your life. In times of trouble, which manifest themselves in panic attacks for me, I will look in to myself and the feelings I am experiencing, now that I know that close examination and thought helps to reduce feelings of anxiety”
LW, St. Margarets

“What I found most helpful was the pace, your humbleness and gentleness, your experience and knowledge; the way in which you incorporated and included, non-judgementally all experiences and questions thus modelling the approach. The handouts were clear and very useful.”
Shanti B, Therapist

“the course gave a structured and well-paced introduction to the overall subject of mindfulness itself. At once simple, yet powerful, the aspects I engaged with most were the guided meditations in a group scenario, which had little introduction, but quickly gave me insight into the way mindfulness can be used on a day to day basis.
An excellent insightful gentle teacher into an expanding (literally!) programme, and thank you for the opportunity to have learned with you.”
Adam W, Director, Teddington

“What I found most useful was your style of teaching; your way of being with the group. This was both gentle and informed and I enjoyed your explanations and answers to questions. Your humility shone through and put everyone at ease.”
Paul Christelis, Therapist, London