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Cooling down your anger with Mindfulness

Here is an extract from my book ‘Mindfulness For Dummies’. It’s the section on anger. Remember, the roots of anger is often fear, and mindfulness is an ideal tool to help you to unearth and manage that overactive part of the brain kicking off the fight or flight response. A bit of anger is okay,Continue Reading

Nuggets of Wisdom

By Shamash Alidina I have just returned from a one day workshop with Deepak Chopra in London, called ‘Self-Power’. I’ve read a couple of his books but have never seen him live. He spoke for hours, to an audience of about a thousand people, in a relaxed way. Nice style I thought… Anyway, here’s howContinue Reading

Mindful Programmes & Courses

Shamash now offers online mindfulness course, mindfulness teacher training, mindfulness training for coaches and monthly mentoring. He offers a limited amount of coaching over the phone, skype or in person in Central London.